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Non-Chemical Air and Water Purification Systems and Technologies.

Proven Products for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications.

AIRWATER’s Natural, Non-Chemical Products Sustainably Reduce Contamination and Increase Efficiency in Air and Water Systems.


Click here to read SARS-CoV2 Updates and Recommended Steril-Aire UVC Disinfection Equipment


Steril-Aire UVC Emitter Systems for Microbial Disinfection:

  • “UVC for HVAC” Disinfection of Air and Air Handler Cooling Coils
  • Very High Output UVC Air Disinfection in Hospitals and Healthcare HVAC
  • UVC Ceiling and Wall Troffers for “Off-Hours” Disinfection in O.R. and Bio Labs
  • UVC Irradiation and Disinfection of Food Products and Processing Equipment
  • Handheld UVC Emitters for Surface Disinfection in DNA and Biotechnology Labs
  • Mobile In-Room UVC Disinfection units for Hospitals and Critical Care Areas
  • Room Fan Filter Units with UVC, Chemical and High Efficiency Air Filtration

HEPA, Electronic and High Efficiency Filters for Particle Filtration:

  • Ceiling mounted HEPA Terminal Fan Filters
  • Portable Fan Filter Air Cleaners with HEPA and Carbon Filtration
  • High Efficiency, HEPA and ULPA Filters
  • Custom Clean Rooms, Parts and Systems, HEPA/ULPA Filters and Accessories
  • Electronic Industrial Filters for Smoke and Welding Applications
  • Industrial Filters for Oil Mist and CNC Machine Filters.

Chemical Filtration Systems:

  • Room Fan Filters with HEPA and Carbon Filtration
  • Custom AHU Carbon and Chemical Filter Medias and Filters


Electronic Water Conditioning:

  • Mineral Scale Mitigation and Reduction in Potable, Process & Industrial Water Systems
  • Biofilm and Microbiological Reservoir Disinfection and Destruction

UVC Reactor Systems for Water Disinfection:

  • UVC Disinfection of Process & Industrial Water Systems
  • UVC Disinfection for Food Processing and CIP Water
  • UVC Water Disinfection in Hospitals and Healthcare
  • UVC Water Disinfection in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Particle Filtration for Water Systems:

  • Sub-Micron Water Filtration for HVAC and Process Water
  • Custom Commercial DI and RO Filtration Systems
  • Cartridge Filters for Commercial & Industrial Water

Custom Services in WI for Air Disinfection and Water Conditioning

  • UVC Field Intensity Measurement and Validation in Air Handlers
  • HydroPATH Field Intensity Measurement and Validation for Water Systems


AirWater.Com is proud to offer the complete line of STERIL-AIRE UVC Emitter Products, and OEM Parts. STERIL-AIRE UVC Emitters are used worldwide to reduce microbiological contamination in HVAC systems, process equipment, environmental grow and clean rooms, to disinfect and eliminate contaminants and increase process efficiency and ROI.

BUY Genuine STERIL-AIRE Emitters, Systems, Parts and Accessories HERE.


Airwater.com is pleased to offer the innovative HydroFLOW Electronic Water Conditioner for mineral scale reduction and microbiological organism control in boilers, cooling towers, steam and hot water systems, pools, ponds and process water systems. Call Airwater if you have hard water problems, scale and slime and high maintenance cycles, with or without a softener, in ice machines, steam systems, heat exchangers or other water applications.

BUY a HydroFLOW unit HERE.

Austin Air Systems

Airwater offers the Number 1 Residential Air Cleaner for Value and Performance. AUSTIN AIR SYSTEMS’ Fan-Filter Air Cleaners utilize custom chemical filter media, true HEPA filter media and a washable pre-filter for home and office room air filtration and general cleaning. Austin Air units are American made in Buffalo, NY and represent the best “Bang for the Buck Value” in residential and light commercial air filtration and cleaning equipment.

BUY Austin Air Portable Fan Filter Air Cleaners for Home and Office HERE.

Clean Rooms Int'l

Airwater offers Clean Room Equipment and Custom, Turn-Key, Clean Rooms from CLEAN ROOMS INTERNATIONAL. The HEPA filter products include Fan Filters, Terminal HEPA Filters, Clean Room Light Fixtures and Ceiling Panels, Portable and Soft or Hard Wall Clean Rooms, and ISO compliant Clean Benches and Workstations.

BUY Ceiling Terminal HEPA Fan Filters and Parts HERE.

Recommended Items

GTD bulbs for DE Emitter fixtures
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Steril-Aire Sterilwand
Austin Air Hm400 Healthmate HEPA/CHEM Air Cleaner


Steril-Aire UVC Emitters for HVAC & Air Disinfection
Evoqua - ETS UV Water Disinfection Reactors
Evoqua - Vortisand Sub-Micron Water Filtration
HydroFLOW Electronic Water Conditioners for Mineral Scale
Clean Rooms International Filters and Clean Rooms
Air Quality Engineering Industrial Filtration Systems
Tri-Dim Filter Corporation HEPA and Hi-Eff Filters


Airwater UVC Field Intensity Measurement and Validation
HydroPATH Field Intensity Measurement and Validation

Please see our store for genuine, OEM systems and parts for all our manufacturers.

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Page Summary: AirWater offers air purifier, water filter, hepa filter and water filtration system. Products such as best water filter, air cleaner, hepa air purifier as well as home air purifier are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in water filtration, water purifier for homes in Beaver Dam, Madison, Milwaukee as well as Green Bay. Other areas we serve include Stevens Point, Appleton, Fond Du Lac and Oshkosh. We also service West Bend, Watertown and beyond.

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