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Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation of Microbiological Organisms

Click here to download a pdf about Coronavirus & UVC Disinfection.

Steril-Aire UVC systems are very effective against all the Corona Viruses including SARS-CoV1, responsible for original SARS disease, and now SARS-CoV2 which is responsible for the current disease known as Covid-19. Steril-Aire very high output UVC energy works by destroying the DNA and RNA of microorganisms. Given correct Dose of germicidal energy, UVC is an effective disinfection strategy against all types of viruses including Flu’s, Colds, Corona Virus/SARS, Swine H1N1, Measles and German Measles, etc. and bacteria, bacilli, mold and yeast.

The primary placement of UVC Emitters is in the recirculating air in HVAC duct systems at the cooling coil. This location creates a disinfection kill zone which exposes microorganisms over and over to the non-chemical germicidal irradiation action of UVC energy as the air is processed in furnaces and air handling equipment. Multiple passes, with sufficient energy Dose, through the irradiated kill zone, makes UVC energy very effective against large quantities of airborne microorganisms and will provide reductions of quantities of aerobes each pass, and over time.

The science behind Steril-Aire UVC Emitters is long known and proven. The C-band wavelength (180-320nm) of the UV spectrum has a peak in disinfection action at 253.7nm. This energy is efficiently generated in Steril-Aire’s multi-patented UVC Emitters and systems. designed for operating in harsh HVAC conditions. The UVC targets the DNA of microorganisms, destroying their strands and making replication impossible. The UVC energy lyses, breaks apart, the RNA/DNA strands thru dimerization; it shreds and separates the atomic structure of the organism rendering it non-viable and non-infectious. The irradiance, or Dose, as measured in microWatt-Seconds must be sufficient for the target organism, and time, in the kill zone. Directed at a cooling coil or drain pan, UVC energy destroys surface biofilms, a gluey matrix of polysaccharides and microorganisms that grow on coil fins in the presence of moisture. Biofilms are prevalent in wetted HVAC systems and can lead to indoor air quality (IAQ) and HVAC operational problems.

For the most effective microbial control, Steril-Aire UV germicidal Emitters are installed on the supply side of the system, downstream from the cooling coil and above the drain pan. This location provides more effective biofilm and microbial control than in-duct UVC installations. By irradiating the contaminants at the source – the cooling coils and drains pans – Steril-Aire UVC delivers simultaneous cleaning of surface microorganisms and destruction of airborne microorganisms. Steril-Aire patented this installation configuration in 1995.

Steril-Aire Emitters are manufactured in various configurations for any HVAC arrangement: see DE, SE, SEN, RIK Emitters and systems. Additionally, this UVC energy can be provided in hand held configurations, Steril-Wand; portable room surface disinfection, Steril-Aire RIDS-II; fixed ceiling, off hours room and surface disinfection with Steril-Aire DE 422 ceiling troffer fixtures; and UVC in fan filters, Steril-Zone, for occupied room disinfection.

Steril-Aire UVC Emitter products are Clinically Validated, Engineered Solutions with the highest output, Dose, available of all competitors. Steril-Aire has multiple patents explaining, protecting and validating this technology. It is proven beyond all doubt in these applications.

Page Page Summary: AirWater offers virus protection of SARS, Coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome and other types of viruses. Products such as UVC light and UV light for HVAC are also part of the scope of our business. We also specialize in germicide, uv light sterilizer in Milwaukee, Appleton, Chippewa Falls as well as Middleton. Other areas we serve include Green Bay, La Crosse, Rhinelander and Madison. We also service Stevens Point, Fond Du Lac and beyond.

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