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Tersano Lotus Pro SAO generator

Manufacturer Tersano
  • Description

Tersano Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) is a cleaning and sanitizing solution produced by Lotus Pro and i-Clean generators.  Tersano's SAO is the best toxin-free, non-chemical, natural alternative to chemical cleaners that works faster and more effectively while being safe for people, pets and the environment.  SAO is stronger than bleach, yet harmless to the environment and surfaces cleaned, with no residuals.  

Environmentally Safe and Sustainable SAO is generated using cold tap water and air oxygen, and electricity.   The generators deliver the SAO disinfecting and cleaning solution for use in spray bottles, auto-scrubbers, mop buckets, carpet extractors, and other cleaning equipment in lieu of chemical cleaners.  SAO disinfects and cleans hard surfaces including counters, hand rails, stainless steel, windows and glass, toilets and sinks, floors, display shelving, lab benches, bar tops, and virtually any surface including carpets and upholstery, etc.

SAO is safe and non-toxic even if it gets on skin, in eyes, or if ingested; no harm done, no worries because SAO naturally reverts back to water and oxygen.

SAO on-site generators pre-condition the cold tap water via a replaceable cartridge with either 4 hours of sanitizing, disinfection action and 3 days of cleaning residual in SAO solution, or 24 hour sanitizing, disinfection cycle and 6 days residual cleaning in solution.  There is no chemical residual or odors during and after use; no mixing or handling of chemicals, and no safety concerns.

Best of all, SAO holds the Green Seal label and passes all OSHA and industry cleaning and saftey tests and Standards for surface sanitizing and disinfection in cleaning equipment.   This product can enhance Sustainability programs and goals in virtually all organizations that require cleaning services, whether by Mom, or Housekeeping.   If LEED certification or other sustainability programs are involved, check out Tersano SAO. 

On-site generation of SAO means not buying cases and barrels of chemicals that get poured down drains and into the environment. SAO eliminates the first cost of disposable bottles used with chemicals, eliminates the waste bottle, and the transportation costs of said chemicals, bottle and barrels.

Tersano SAO ensures safety and efficacy in a non-toxic, natural process.  Tersano SAO is helping you change the way the world cleans.

Price: $1,695.00

Service Area: Middleton, Madison, Appleton, La Crosse, Fond Du Lac, Waukesha, Eau Claire, Ashland, Hudson, Kenosha, Marshfield and surrounding communities.

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