AirWater.Com is a web portal provided by AirWater a div of Menz Group, Inc. of Middleton, WI USA for research and application information on indoor air and water contaminants and effective removal strategies using cutting-edge, “Natural” technologies. At AirWater.Com you can learn about, and apply, emerging, non-chemical technologies that are extrememly efficient in eliminating unwanted contaminants from the air you breathe and the water you drink and use.

AirWater.Com is resource for finding Indoor Air Quality and Water Purification technologies in equipment solutions that are effective at removing biological, particulate and chemical contaminants from HVAC air handling systems and potable or process water systems. AirWater.Com specializes in applying the disciplines of microbiology, physics, chemistry, engineering, and construction to provide superior air and water quality in our customer's diverse industrial, commercial and residential applications. Utilizing proper analytical and engineering procedures, superior air or water quality and energy efficiency can be achieved by eliminating source generated and incidental contaminants thereby providing fresh air and clean water.

AirWater represents and distributes proven air and water purification and contaminant removal systems utilizing emerging and existing technologies such as "very high output UVC" aka UVGI, UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation, Ionization, Oxidation, Chemical or Gas Phase Filtration, High Efficiency and HEPA Filtration, Ventilation and Dehumidification. Additionally, we consult on all facets of indoor air and water contamination issues, contaminant source identification and remediation, air filtration & purification systems design, and non-chemical water treatment design.



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