Steril-Aire Germicidal UVC/UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

Model DE Series UVC Emitters™
X-Mount™ SE Series UVC Emitters™
X-Mount Plus™ Model SEN 1 VO UVC Emitter™
SteriLight™ Series Model RSE 2 HO UVC Emitter™
Shatter Resistant™ UVC Emitters™
SterilWand� For Portable Surface Decontamination
Fan Coil UVC Kit� For Fan Coils and other Room Units
Unit Ventilator Kit� For Classroom Unit Ventilator Systems
Model SA UVSR Stationary Radiometer
Steril-Aire Technologies Page
SterilAire talks about UVGI and Anthrax
Steril-Aire� To Receive 11th Patent, Updated Ul Listing For Uvc Devices
Steril-Aire: Expanded "Uvc" Product Line Offers Enhanced Food Safety
Steril-Aire: New Uvc Tumbling Machines Use Germicidal Light To Decontaminate Food Surfaces

Austin Air Systems, Limited
Quality air filtration systems for home and office.

HealthMate Plus
HealthMate Junior
Allergy Machine
Austin Air air filters: The Miracle Inch
The Questions Are Here And The Answer Is Clear - Austin Air For Life

Air Quality Engineering

Disposable Air Filter Models
General Industrial
“Coanda Aerodynamic Principle”
“Electronic Filtration/Electrostatic Precipitation”


Photon 2
“UVC Irradiation of Water in the Food and Dairy Industries”


Vortex Sand Filter
VORTISAND®: Overview
VORTISAND®: Advantages & Benefits for Cooling Towers
Application: Vortisand® Water Filtration Systems
Vortisand® Applications Listing
(Also see the FAQ section)

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