Steril-Aire Germicidal UVC/UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

Model DE Series UVC Emitters™
X-Mount™ SE Series UVC Emitters™
X-Mount Plus™ Model SEN 1 VO UVC Emitter™
SteriLight™ Series Model RSE 2 HO UVC Emitter™
Shatter Resistant™ UVC Emitters™
SterilWand� For Portable Surface Decontamination
Fan Coil UVC Kit� For Fan Coils and other Room Units
Unit Ventilator Kit� For Classroom Unit Ventilator Systems
Model SA UVSR Stationary Radiometer
Steril-Aire Technologies Page
SterilAire talks about UVGI and Anthrax
Steril-Aire� To Receive 11th Patent, Updated Ul Listing For Uvc Devices
Steril-Aire: Expanded "Uvc" Product Line Offers Enhanced Food Safety
Steril-Aire: New Uvc Tumbling Machines Use Germicidal Light To Decontaminate Food Surfaces

Bioclimatic, Inc. HEPA/Chemical Bed Air Purification Systems

Bioclimatic Applications
Product Line Specifications
Product Line Details
BioClimatic News Release RE: BioThreats After 9-11

Austin Air Systems, Limited
Quality air filtration systems for home and office.

HealthMate Plus
HealthMate Junior
Allergy Machine
Austin Air air filters: The Miracle Inch
The Questions Are Here And The Answer Is Clear - Austin Air For Life

Aran-Aire™ Oxidation Purification Systems(O4, O5, O6 ... OX)

Aran-Aire™ Technologies Page
Aran-Aire™ O4, O5, O6, etc ...
Aran-Aire™ SS Series
Aran-Aire™ NS Series

Air Quality Engineering

Disposable Air Filter Models
General Industrial
“Coanda Aerodynamic Principle”
“Electronic Filtration/Electrostatic Precipitation”


Photon 2
“UVC Irradiation of Water in the Food and Dairy Industries”


Vortex Sand Filter
VORTISAND®: Overview
VORTISAND®: Advantages & Benefits for Cooling Towers
Application: Vortisand® Water Filtration Systems
Vortisand® Applications Listing
(Also see the FAQ section)

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